Building AI that perceives reality the way you do

Video most closely resembles the sensory inputs from the real-world. We model the world by shipping next generation multimodal models, pushing the boundaries in video understanding.


Build the best video understanding platform driven by leading perceptual-reasoning research

Video most closely represents our multimodal reality which LLMs are unable to parse. Understanding across modalities can't just be a bolted on as a feature to existing LLMs. Multimodal foundation models actually have to be so from inception. We are changing the paradigm of how video is accessed and consumed.

Founders and

Jae Lee
CEO, Co-founder
Aiden Lee
CTO, Co-founder
SJ Kim
Head of Engineering,

Dave Chung
Head of KR Ops,
Soyoung Lee
Head of Business Development, Co-founder
Minjoon Seo, Phd.
Chief Scientist
Anthony Giuliani, Esq.
Head of Operations

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